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By Patrick Lima and Turid Fosyth. Paperback in good condition. Original price $24.95. 


"Herbs has set a new standard of excellence for gardening books. Special sections outline how to use herbs to add color to flowerbeds and how to propogate, preserve and grow herbs indoors."


Tisa says, "a wonderful housewarming gift!" 


Your purchase (and book donations) help support the programs and facilities at the Columbus Garden School. Thank you!

The Complete Gardener's Guide: Herbs

  • Pick up is at the Columbus Garden School:
    1350 E. Cooke Rd, Columbus OH  43224


    Please arrange a time-window to pick up your purchase by texting/calling (614) 404-7236 first.

    Inspect your purchase carefully before you leave the garden school; all sales are final.

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