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What's not to love about this "little sister" of the Joe Pye family? Just like her many siblings, this plant is a pollinator magnet in summer. Walk by this unassuming semi-shrub in bloom and inhale her sweet scent while she seduces native bees and wasps from near and far.


"A rugged, hairy plant of dry-mesic prairies and savannas, Tall Boneset features flattish clusters of white tubular blossoms from late summer through fall. They top a single stem that branches toward the top." (From the Prairie Moon website, where we obtain our seed.)


  • Pickup is at the Columbus Garden School, 1350 E. Cooke Rd, Columbus OH 43224.


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[Grown locally at CGS. Plant photos are from our seed source, See their website for a detailed description of each plant. Four-pack/tray photos may not hold the same plants being sold but shows the containers we use.]

Tall Bonest (Eupatorium altissimum)

  • Pick up is at the Columbus Garden School (1350 E. Cooke Rd, Columbus OH 43224). We do NOT ship plants; delivery may be possible for large orders.

    Please prearrange a time window to pick up your purchase by texting/calling (614) 404-7236 first.

    Inspect your purchase carefully before you leave the garden school. All sales are final.

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