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Affordable small packs of native tall-grass prairie seed! See how easy it is to grow a variety of native grasses without spending a lot of $$. These are warm-season grasses - they will germinate when weather is consistently over 60F. They require full sun and regular moisture their first summer; after that, these grasses become incredibly durable.


Side-oats grama grass (Bouteloua curtipendula)

24”H. A warm season grass that sports its tiny attractive flowers during the summer bloom time. It is cited as a food source or larval host for at least five types of skipper moths. Blooms Aug/Sept.


Switch grass (Panicum virgatum)

48”H. By far, the most elegant and well-behaved prairie grass swaying in the wind at CGS. A true four-season plant, we leave switch grass standing in the winter landscape. Provides cover and forage for pollinators, birds, and mammals. Blooms July - Sept.


Little Bluestem (Schizachyrium scoparium)
36”H. Very drought tolerant, but does well in moist situations too. Beautiful blue-green color in the summer and after the first frost turns beautiful shades of brown and copper that last all winter. Excellent habitat plant for insects and birds. Blooms July - Oct.


Big Bluestem (Andropogon gerardii)

7'H. This prairie staple plays an important role in native prairie ecosystems and provides habitat for many insects, small mammals, and birds. It’s a big plant, getting over six feet tall in most situations. Use it as an accent, but it can be aggressive so is not recommended for small spaces. It has great fall color in the range of gold and pink. Blooms July - Sept.

Indian Grass (Sorghastrum nutans)

6'H. Golden stems and large seed heads provide ample color and texture to plantings and birds will enjoy the seeds come fall.  Indian Grass can be aggressive and is not suited for very small landscapes. Insects that feed on blades of Indian Grass are important food sources for upland game birds and song birds, where they will also find ideal nesting habitat in stands of tall Indian Grass.


Pickup at the Columbus Garden School. NOTE: Seed packets may date from 2019 to present year. Seeds viability can decrease with age; however, these seeds have been stored in cool, dry conditions and should provide good germination. Plus -- that's why they don't cost much!


Some photos and plant descriptions courtesy of, our excellent seed source.

Native Grass Seed packets

  • Pick up is at the Columbus Garden School(1350 E. Cooke Rd, Columbus OH 43224). We do not ship plants, delivery may be possible for large orders.

    Please prearrange a time window to pick up your purchase by texting/calling (614) 404-7236 first.

    Inspect your purchase carefully before you leave the garden school. All sales are final.

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