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Does it make sense to cut down trees to obtain new wood for birdhouses? We say NO WAY! We use recycled lumber to build birdhouses that are useful, “pre-antiqued,” and bird-friendly. No two bird houses are alike— yours will truly be unique!


Birds are picky about where they raise their baby chicks. The cavity size and depth, hole size, height from ground, etc. are species-dependent. Our birdhouse interior is approx. 5 x 5 x 8"H and you can choose from two entry-hole sizes -- perfect for wrens, bluebirds, chickadees, nuthatches, and other small cavity-nesting species.


Every birdhouse comes with information for identifying, feeding, and protecting songbirds, including a chart of species-specific mounting heights. For extra predator protection, these birdhouses do not have exterior perches, and the recycled lumber blends easily into the surrounding habitat. If you really want birds to nest in your yard, this is the birdhouse for you!


$25 each -- or pick your price from the pull-down menu.


We’re proud of our RUSTIC birdhouses, and your donation helps fund activities and events at the Columbus Garden School. Since each birdhouse is unique, you choose your favorite from our collection when you come to pick it up.


[Photo of bluebird on CGS bird house by K. Cay]

Bird House - Recycled Wood

PriceFrom $25.00
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  • Pick up is at the Columbus Garden School (1350 E. Cooke Rd, Columbus OH 43224). We do NOT ship any items; delivery may be available for large orders.

    Please prearrange a time window to pick up your purchase by texting/calling (614) 404-7236 first.

    Inspect your purchase carefully before you leave the garden school. All sales are final.

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