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Stumped by "stump pruning"

This is a great example of what happens after a tree is “stump pruned.” For some reason (unresolved hostility, perhaps?), a chainsaw-wielding individual decided to chop off the ends of every major branch on a mature tree. Predictably, the tree responded to this stress with a flush of new growth *everywhere* giving it a “bottle-brush” appearance. I’m sure it looks quite fluffy in the summer, and dumps a giant pile of leaves in autumn.

Stump pruning a mature tree leads to rebound overgrown
Stump pruning a mature tree rarely ends well.

THINGS TO NOTE: The natural form of this tree has been destroyed, and no future pruning can undo that. The best way to control the size and vigor of a mature tree is through a combination of thinning and heading-back cuts. I highly recommend hiring an educated person who actually loves trees!

In the meantime, come learn more about trees, shrubs, and how to prune them correctly at the Columbus Garden School.

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