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Chicken Behav. & Flock Dynamics (online)

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Why do chickens do what they do? How are their "pecking orders" established? Understanding the behavior of chickens and how they interact helps us become better flock owners. Welcome to The Pecking Order: Chicken Behavior & Flock Dynamics! > Learn simple tricks to maintain harmony at the feeder and in the yard. > Find out what your chickens need for a peaceful night in the hen house. > Introduce new birds to an existing flock with minimal disruption. > Get tips on which breeds are best for a drama-free flock. In this fascinating ONLINE class, we will discuss the psychology of chickens and the dynamics of flock behavior. Sharon will share her personal experience managing a variety of behavioral issues from her years as a poultry breeder, egg hen mom, and meat chicken wrangler. [Upon registration, you'll receive additional instructions on how to connect to your Zoom class. This class is “live” and will NOT be recorded.] INSTRUCTOR: Sharon Maish is a chicken enthusiast who has bred, incubated, hatched, and raised, over 30 different breeds of chickens. She is a member of the American Poultry Association (APA), the American Sussex Association, and The Livestock Conservancy. Sharon breeds speckled Sussex large fowl chickens, and she is registered by the Ohio Department of Agriculture as a poultry feed manufacturer. Sharon and her husband Greg currently manage two coops with a total of 22 hens and a big rooster named Nigel. They also raise 20-25 pastured meat chickens each year to feed their family.

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