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One of the very first things we planted at the Columbus Garden School was asparagus. This nutritious, delicious perennial has long been on our list of favorite spring vegetables. At that time, we chose the variety ‘Jersey Knight’ for its yield and disease-resistance (because who wants to spray chemicals on their food?). The ‘Jersey’ hybrids have mostly disappeared from the market in part because of a superior replacement: ‘MILLENNIUM’ asparagus!


Field research indicates that ‘Millennium’ out-produces other varieties and shows great disease-resistance and cold tolerance*.  This variety is also long-lived and adaptable to a range of soils – including our Ohio clay. New ‘Millennium’ crowns will fill in the empty spots in our existing beds at CGS. We recommend new asparagus gardeners start with at least 5 crowns.


Fresh asparagus is UNBELIEVABLY GOOD. Did you know you can eat fresh asparagus raw? And just wait until you walk asparagus from the garden to the steamer for an amazing treat. Store-bought is NOT the same -- you deserve great homegrown food! And a happy asparagus bed can produce for 20+ years.


BONUS: Pre-order 10 or more plants, and we'll register you for FREE into our online Grow Amazing Delicious Asparagus workshop offered on March 19 and April 3*. We cover everything from soil prep to planting, fertilizing, harvesting, and seasonal care. *If you purchase your 10+ plants after the class is offered, we'll send you our class handouts.


Our FABULOUS PRICE for robust 1 year-old crowns: $4 EACH



  • Pickup is Saturday, April 20th, between 10 am – 3 pm. Our delivery of wholesale plants is scheduled for the week of April 15, 2023. We will email you a reminder/update as soon as we receive our plants!
  • If you need a different day and/or time, please email your details ASAP to
  • Pickup is at the Columbus Garden School, 1350 E. Cooke Rd, Columbus OH 43224. Failure to pick up orders promptly may incur a "containerizing" fee.
  • Install your asparagus crowns within 1-2 days of pickup!

Anxious to get started? Use March and April to prepare your asparagus bed for your new plants. Thoroughly weed the area, and cultivate/loosen the soil to a depth of at least 12”. Amend with plenty of compost and test your soil to ensure a minimum pH of 7.0-7.2. (Add bone meal or superphosphate if your pH is low.) Plan to space new crowns approx. 12-14" apart.

PLEASE ORDER ASAP because when we run out, they're gone!


[Plant photos are from our own asparagus beds at CGS and]



* "Millennium Is The New Leader in Asparagus." (

Asparagus 'Millennium' (bareroot crowns)

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  • Pick up is at the Columbus Garden School (1350 E. Cooke Rd, Columbus OH 43224). We do NOT ship plants; local delivery may be possible for large orders.

    Inspect your purchase carefully before you leave the garden school. All sales are final.

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